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What is home healthcare?

It’s an organized and coordinated approach to providing healthcare services to individuals and families in the comfort and privacy of their place of residence, for the purpose of maintaining and restoring health – maximizing the level of independence, while minimizing the effects of disability and illness.

“In the United States, the older adult population is now over 40 million and expected to more than double by mid-century, growing to 83.7 million people – one-fifth of the US population by 2050.” 

– National Institute of Health (Cire, 2014)


Who Are We?

Quality Home Care Services has been serving the Chicagoland area for over 30 years and counting.

Founded by a wife and husband – a dedicated RN and a hardworking MD, with a mission to provide healthcare services to the Southside of Chicago, delivering a healing touch to the doorsteps of those in need.

Services we provide:

Skilled Nursing

The registered nurse (RN) makes the initial evaluation visit and regularly reevaluates the patient’s nursing needs. The RN initiates the plan of care (POC) and necessary revisions, furnishes those services requiring substantial and specialized nursing skill, initiates preventative and rehabilitative nursing procedures, prepares clinical and progressive notes. 

Along with the QA staff, the RN coordinates services, informs the physician and other personnel of changes in the patient’s condition and need. An essential part of the RN’s duties is to counsel the patient and family in meeting rehabilitative goals, participate in in-service programs and supervise and teach other nursing personnel.

Home Health Aide / CNA

The home health aide is assigned to a specific patient by the RN. Written patient care instructions for the home health aide must be prepared by the RN. 

The home health aide provides services that are ordered by the physician in the plan of care and that the aide is permitted to perform under state law. The duties of  a home health aide include the provision of hands-on personal care, performance of simple procedures as an extension of therapy or nursing services, assistance in ambulation or exercises, and assistance in administering medications that are ordinarily self-administered. 

The RN must make an on-site visit to the patient’s home no less frequently than every 2-weeks.

Medical Social Worker

The social worker assists the physician and other team members in understanding the significant social and emotional factors related to the patients health problems, participate in the development of the plan of care, prepares clinical and progress notes, works with the family, uses appropriate community resources, participates in discharges planning and in-service programs, and acts as a consultant to other agency personnel. 

Important to have written material that clearly establishes the scope of medical services offered and the manner in which services will be provided.

Physical & Occupational Therapy

The qualified therapist assists the physician in evaluating level of function, helps develop the plan of care (revising if necessary), prepares clinical and progress notes, advises and consults with the family and other agency personnel, and participates in in-service programs.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy services are furnished only by or under supervision of a qualified speech pathologist or audiologist.


Services are covered by the following:


Services are covered by the following:

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